Iron Wolf VR patched in every sense of the word

by: Dave -
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In response to player requests, Ionized Studios has granted public access to a beta test of Iron Wolf VR that now offers unlucky or unskilled Captains to repair damage to their submarine. Although the use of a welding torch to repair a leak in the hull might seem idiosyncratic, there's a lot to be said for being able to effect a repair at all rather than standing by helplessly as the rising water level signals your eminent demise.

To fix leaks, the player will pick up the welder which is located on the control room door. Using the trigger to activate the welder and holding it near to the source of the leak will start the repair. Water already on board can be removed by using the bilge pump. In multi-player, someone can use the recently added bilge pump to buy more time for the person using the welder.

Single-player is balanced so that it is not necessary to pump and weld at the same time.

Given that I drowned nearly every time I incurred any level of damage, this is welcome addition indeed!

Iron Wolf VR is currently available as an Early Access game on Steam.

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