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New NVIDIA drivers out for Destiny 2

by: John -
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Tomorrow's a big day as Destiny 2 is coming to the PC finally. For those who have NVIDIA cards, new drivers are being released to ensure you get the best experience as possible with the game. Version 388.00 is now ready to download for your computer. As always, besides being optimized for the latest game, the new drivers will have other bug fixes and performance provements as well.

If you want to tweak some things and try to make the most out of your graphical options, NVIDIA has a nice guide to help you out. It goes through some tweaking options and also lets you know the optimum settings for the type of video card you have.

For those that don't have a GeForce GTX 1080 or GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, you can pick up the card now and get Destiny 2 for free. You have until November 29th, 2017 before that deal is gone.

We'll be looking at Destiny 2 on the PC so make sure to check back for that article to go up.