Fortnite's new update has quite the cache

by: Kevin -
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Those who have already found multiplayer bliss with Fortnite have a new update to add to the mayhem. Players who are on the fence for playing the game just got served. This new update adds quite a bit to an already full game.

The Challenge Horde Mode has up to four players fortifying just the right base before waves hit. Surviving waves gives more rewards and resources.

The Scavenger Event includes a new event llama. The Scavenger Llamas hold four new heroes, nine weapons, and two new defenders. Players earn Scavenger money by playing he Horde mode and completing quests.

Four new heroes:

  • Raider Soldier - Loves the shotgun and close encounters.
  • Ammo Harvest Outlander - If you need ammo, this is your Hero.
  • Trap Specialist Constructor - Get a damage boost & durability boost.
  • Energy Thief Ninja - Generates and leeches energy from melee combat.

The new update also includes a boat-load of other stuff - weapons, defenders, quests etc.

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