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Cities: Skylines expansion is going to cover your city in snow

by: Kevin -
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Cities: Skylines has already proven to be a fantastic city building sim (see review here at Gaming Nexus https://www.gamingnexus.com/Article/4721/Cities-Skylines/) and now the company has added a new challenge to the mix - weather. The Snowfall expansion is going to be a decent size expansion that is going to add weather problems to the mix of keeping a city running at top efficiency. Snow, rain, plows, heating issues, transportation and more will become problems for the player to sort out before chaos ensues. The new expansion will also be included in Cities: Skylines Season Pass, and Cities: Skylines Premium Edition and they will both include the following DLCs:

  • Snowfall (full expansion)
  • Natural Disasters (full expansion)
  • Mass Transit (full expansion)
  • High Tech Buildings (content creator pack)
  • Art Deco (content creator pack)
  • Relaxation Station (radio station DLC)
  • Rock City  Radio (radio station DLC)

Snowfall will be available for XBox One, PS4, and Windows 10 November 14th, 2017 and should run about $12.99.

The Season Pass will be available for $39.99 and the Cities: Skylines included Premium Edition will run $69.99. For more info on Cities: SKyines, go to https://www.paradoxplaza.com/cities-skylines-console/cities-skylines-console.html.