World of Warplanes breaks new ground with the addition of bombers

by: Dave -
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Well, not just bombers. Wargaming has revamped the entire system to the degree that they're tagging it as World of Warplanes Update 2.0. The addition of a Bomber class to the tech tree is, of course, the bomb, but the collection of other new features goes far deeper than that.

One new feature near and dear to my heart is that inept pilots (such as me) can now respawn into battle. Given that I'm always one of the first to plunge from the sky after being peppered with any number of lead-based projectiles, being allowed to jump back into the fray rather than spending ten minutes watching the battle go on without my questionable contributions will be a nice change.

Respawning into what was formerly a battle of attrition seems counter-productive, but sure enough they've also added another battle type: there is now a Conquest mode wherein teams are tasked with achieving tactical superiority over a specific land area.

This is by no means a novel approach to an MMO team-based game, but some degree of innovation will have been required; it's not like you can simply hover an airplane over a spot on the ground. On the plus side, it seems as if this Conquest mode will encourage more of a team coordination effort than the team deathmatch mode which was pretty much a free-for-all mess. 

Conquest mode also opens the bomb bay doors for.... bombers. Bombers wouldn't have been anyone's first choice for dogfighting, but with specific target assignments that will play a role in Conquest, bombers will be critical to a team's success. They will also need to be defended - that responsibility will also make the fighter pilot's job a bit tougher.

Look for a full write-up on version 2.0 within the next few days; I'm not going to be able to resist this!