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Project Cars 2 will have five cars become Hot Wheels die cast cars

by: Kevin -
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Hot Wheels have been around for what seems like a billion years and have touched the hearts of many a car enthusiast - myself included - so what better way to immortalize one of the better racing sims out there, then to release five new Hot Wheels die cast cars? Project Cars 2 has done just that. Three of their gorgeous GT cars, and two classics have been made into die cast replicas and they are:

Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 (Team Hot Wheels #68)

Acura NSX GT3 (Advan Racing Team #76)

Audi R8 LMS (Team Hot Wheels #5)

BMW M1 Procar (Team Project Cars #15)

Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution (Team Hot Wheels #91)

These wonderful replicas will be available in the fall 2017 nationwide and Project Cars 2 is available for PS4, XBox One, and PC through Steam.