WWE 2K18 will NOT be launching next week on Nintendo Switch

by: Nathan -
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WWE 2K18 launches in less than 24 hours for Deluxe Edition owners and October 17th for everyone else on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch owners will have to wait a bit longer. While a solid release date was never given, a lot of people probably assumed the game would release around or close to the release date of the other versions. Either way, 2K has confirmed that the game is still scheduled to be released "Fall 2017".

The idea of playing a WWE game on the go again is very exciting to me. I put close to a thousand hours into Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 on the PSP and it would be awesome to have a great WWE game on the Switch, but I am honestly concerned about the Switch version of the game. We have not seen a single in game screen shot or video of the Switch version in action. There was also the fact that the game will not have the 8 men in the ring that the other versions have.