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Free, but not for me: Gran Turismo Sport live demo through Thursday

by: Dave -
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Starting yesterday and running through Oct. 12, PS4 owners will be able to get a taste of the long-awaited Gran Turismo Sport. This is attractive even for those that are already poised to by it on the Oct. 18th release date because all game money earned across this weekend of free play (up to $1,000,000) will carry over into the release version.

With a car list ranging from Alfo Romeo to Vokswagon and a lengthy list of tracks upon which to drive them, a weekend won't be enough time to try them all, but it should be sufficient time to get a good feel for the various modes included in the game.

All of the information you'll need to take advantage of this generous offer is available here:

Sadly (for me), the PS4 is sold separately.

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