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EVE Online somehow makes MMO mining look awesome

by: Randy -
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Got to hand it to CCP Games: they sure know how to make mining look exciting in EVE Online. I mean, it's absolutely not. But this Lifeblood expansion sure ramps up the immensely destructive and exploitative powers of the EVE Online player base. I mean, these guys are now blasting planetoid-sized chunks out of moons, and then blasting those planetoid-sized chunks into asteroid fields. It's nuts. 

Lifeblood introduces player-built refineries. These will be where player corporations collect, process, refine, and reprocess resources. Lifeblood also transforms moon mining from a passive income process to an active gameplay mechanic. Resource wars are a new thing, as pirates encroach on high-security space with forward-operating bases. These are meant to be highly collaborative operations. Lifeblood also introduces a new Marshall class CONCORD battleship, and this bad boy is anime as all get out. Looks awesome.

EVE Online has a sizable free-to-play component, but chipping in a few subscription bucks will get you into that higher echelon of EVE's unique MMO gameplay. 

Again, gotta admit: EVE put together a good trailer finally. Every year I wonder if it'll be the end for this game. But they're keeping their head above water.