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Both players and aliens have big, new ships to contend with the threat of one another

by: Randy -
More On: Elite: Dangerous

The Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.4—The Return update has only just gone into effect. But it appears there's a lot on the horizon still. Yes, The Return brings back the Thargoids, an ancient and terrible enemy spanning back to 1984's original Elite. Encounters between the Thargoids and the player base have been sometimes passive, but mostly aggressive. 

In this video, which appears to showcase a few things not yet introduced in The Return, is a seemingly new type of ship. It appears to be a bold variant of the enormous Lakon Type-9 Heavy. The Type-9 is commonly a large freighter. But this bad boy might be stepped up for combat operations.

There appears to be a split second (around the 0:19 mark) where a station is at red alert. That'd be new, if so. Also, there's a station in flames only a few seconds later (around 0:22). It's impossible to tell from the video if this is a story-based set of circumstances, or if it's going to become a condition that can strike anywhere in Elite Dangerous's sandbox. 

Then, after exploding a Thargoid, a clan of players regroups as two more Thargoids jump into their local area. These happen to have a scary re-skin, making it an easy bet that these Thargoids are introducing even more elite and dangerous versions of themselves. (See what I did there?)

After several month's hiatus, I'm back to Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Not sure if I'm taking this cargo bay full of rare goods the hundreds of jumps out to Colonia, or if I shift gears and become a miner. We'll see.

To have access to this new content in the 2.4 update, you'll need to have the Horizons season pass.

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