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Overwatch's Halloween Terror is coming back—and the SKINS...

by: Kinsey -
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Can you feel that chill in the air? That creeping sense of foreboding and doom? It's probably me, your friendly neighborhood Overwatch gremlin, dropping by to give you some news. Remember last year's Halloween Terror event, full of pumpkins and frights and deliciously good skins? Yeah, that's coming back—on October 10, to be exact. 

We've all known about this for a while; we guessed that the event would make a reappearance even before it was officially announced, given how Blizzard operates. Given the very short teaser the game's Twitter account posted on October 3, we can guess a few things. First, McCree and Reaper look like they're getting new skins. (The obvious guess.) Second, since the event's logo still features Dr. Junkenstein front and center, it's likely safe to assume that the Junkenstein's Revenge PvE mode will still be available. And third (though admittedly, I didn't glean this from the teaser itself), I'd hazard a guess that, a la Summer Games, last year's skins will be available this year at a discount. 

The reason I'm posting about this late, though, are the new legendary skins that the internet has discovered. Nothing's been confirmed, of course, but since this the internet leaks do happen. We've seen three so far; Mei is dressed like a Chinese vampire, Symmetra looks like a demon, and Zenyatta (who's visible below) is...something? I'm not sure if I'd liken that to Davy Jones, a draenei, or Cthulhu. 

The event launches next Tuesday, October 10, and will run through November 2. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how they'll top last year. Witch Mercy still ranks pretty high up there for me...

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