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UPDATE: Forza 7 Forza Driver's Cup race list (spoilers)

by: Kevin -
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Upon starting Forza 7 some 10 days ago, I really wanted to know the races list and unfortunately that was not available since nobody had gotten far enough to help out. Here is the full list of categories from the Forza Cup. For me it was about being able to race regular cars and not GT/P1 cars, so I was relieved at the end of the game to have been race-car free (just a personal preference from a production-car enthusiast of 30+ years). Here is the list (WARNING - SPOILERS):


Modern Hot Hatch // Historic Road Racing // Seeker Open // Audi Models (speed chase)

Forza Trophy Trucks // Rise of the Supercars // Gymkhana 1-on-1 Focus

Polaris RZR // Open Wheel Legends // Limo Bowiling



Sport Compact // Mercedes Racing Truck Spec // Vintage GT // Open Wheel Legends

Modern SUV // Formula E // Breakout Open // Endurance - Spa Francorchamps

Forza Touring Cars // Rally Heroes // Porsche 918 (Passing Challenge)



Sport Coupe // NASCAR // Grand Prix // Factory 911 GT1

Group Rally // Nostalgic Drag Racers // Prototype P1 // Police Car Bowling

Formula Ford // Hot Hatch Genesis // Evolution Open // 75 Ford Bronco Autocross



Sport Touring // Mazda Miata Spec // Early Sport Touring // Domination Open // Birth of Grand Prix

Modern Off Road // Supercars Championship // Formula 70's // RS200 1-on-1

Forza GT // Rebirth of Muscle // Vintage GT Racing // Ford Fiesta Autocross



Sport GT // Formula Mazda Spec // Sport Compact // Sport Luxury // AMG CLK GTR

Exotic GT // Indy Car // Off Road Buggies // Masters Open // Nissan Models

Forza P2 // Classic Muscle // GT Racing Reborn // Cobra R SVT Autocross // Vintage Racing



Hypercar // Forza P1 // Showroom Rally // Vintage Sport Compact // Porsche 911 (High Speed Chase) // Desert Dingo Bug Bowling

Track Toys // Ariel Nomad Spec / Formula 90's // Elite Racers // Ken Block Mustang GT350 1-on-1

Forza Grand Prix // Supercar Renaissance // Prototype Group Racing // Driver's Cup Open // GT Racing Reborn

There you have it. Some 65+ races that you'll have to choose from. Each Championship has a point total to pass in order to move to the next one. You will only need to do 5 or so series before having enough points to move on, but you can finish the entire Championship before progressing. Of note - the "open" races are for ANY car you choose. You pick any car and the game makes that category of cars the one for all of races in that series. So for die-hard fans of a particular car, you could theoretically race the same car for every open throughout the Forza Cup - over 30 races with the same car if you so choose.

Forza 7 launched October 3rd and is available for download now. Please see my full review on our website for more information.