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WWE 2K18 is a little over a week away and 2K has finally pulled back the curtain on WWE Universe mode and the brand new Road to Glory mode. Road to Glory mode is a new online game mode which incorporates your "My Player" where you can battle against other players and rise up ranks to the Hall of Fame.

The Road to Glory mode is a new online mode where players battle against each other. Every day there will be a "Tonight's Event" match and it cycles every day with different match types. When battling against other characters you can earn stars which then qualifies you for Pay Per View events. The PPV schedule in game will follow the same schedule as WWE's. For instance, when the game releases, WWE TLC will be the next PPV event on the calendar. When the event rolls around, if you have earned enough stars, you will be able to participate in the event against in game Superstars that are on the actual PPV card. If you beat the main event opponent, you will earn special gear based on that event. 

WWE Universe mode is also getting a couple of upgrades including changes to rivalries, rankings and the PPV schedule. In previous years, random rivalries would be assigned to your Universe. This year, you can now see a list of three separate "potential rivalries" that will build over time. Once the build reaches its max, it will be put on "stand by" status where it will automatically move into the new rivalries spot once one opens. Rivalries this year also have an "intensity" meter with low intensity rivalries being small friendly rivalries and very high intensities leading to superstars wanting to rip each other to shreds. 

In terms of the PPV schedule, the game now allows you to have multiple PPV's in a month. In previous years, the rivalries and the schedule would bug out if you tried to have multiple PPV's in month because the game wasn't designed to support the brand split. 

Finally, a new "Power Ranking" system has been implemented. Now if you have a character which goes on an unstoppable, dominating run, they will rise up the power rankings. This allows for the mid card and lower card wrestlers to work their way up to championship opportunities, big time rivalries and more. 

For a full rundown of all of the changes to WWE Universe, be sure to check out 2K's official blog.

WWE 2K18 releases on October 17th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Deluxe Edition owners get 4 day early access to the game on October 13th.  


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