And now, what you've all been waiting for, the second trailer for Red Dead Redemption II

by: Nicholas -
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The second trailer for Red Dead Redemption II is here. And oh wow is it savory. While skinny on details, it offers boatloads more information than the previous one, while still containing an air of mystery. 

Here, we get a seeming protagonist named Mr. Morgan, who is a member of Dutch's gang (Dutch was the object of John Marston's hunt in the first Red Dead Redemption). Mr. Morgan does not look to be the morally conflicted character that John Marston was, and has no problem roughing up anyone who crosses Dutch's gang. We see tidbits of other characters who will no doubt play a role in the story, like a Native American man and a female member of Dutch's gang. 

New weapons are introduced, like a bow and arrow and dual wielding six shooters. The game also looks to be set away from the hot Southwestern and Mexican deserts, moving more towards the East, with settings similar to the Great Plains, mountains that look like the Rockies (although they're a Western mountain chain) and Louisiana Bayou (now featuring giant alligators).

The plot threads that I could find are as follows: Dutch's gang has been chased by lawmen in three states, and they've got to find some way to keep going. Be that train robbery or murder, they'll find a way. 

Explore and shoot your way across the gorgeous cities, plains, and forests of Red Dead Redemption II when it launches in Spring 2018. Watch the trailer below:

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