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Lawbreakers hosting a free to play weekend, starts tomorrow

by: Rob -
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Starting 10am PST, Lawbreakers is showing off its stuff on a free to play weekend that will run until Monday at the same hour. There's multiplayer first person action and loot for old and new players alike. New players who log in for the first time on Steam and play at least 50 matches will be entered in a drawing for a free Steam code for the game. While current players on PC and PS4 who also complete 50 matches will be entered into a drawing to receive 24 stash drops. 

So I guess check it out, and if you dig it, wait a beat to buy to see if you've won. If you don't want to wait, the base price of the game will be on a 25% off discount not only through the weekend, but extending until Wednesday at 10 PST as well. Lawbreakers can be purchased via the PSN for PS4 or Steam for PC and retails at $29.99. All planned non-cosmetic DLC is free for all owners of the game. 

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