Matt and Jeff Hardy confirmed as DLC for WWE 2K18. More DLC to be revealed later today

by: Nathan -
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Of course after every roster reveal for a WWE game, there are always a few WWE stars that are missing from the list. This year, probably the biggest omission was the future, hall of fame tag team, The Hardy Boys, Matt and Jeff Hardy, who made their return to the WWE at Wrestle Mania 33 back in April. 

Well Matt Hardy himself confirmed that he along with his brother Jeff will indeed be in WWE 2K18 as DLC. SPLENDID! They will be available for those who order the Deluxe Edition or the Season Pass. They will also be part of an unnamed DLC pack of this moment that will be sold separately for those who don't own the Season Pass or Deluxe Edition. It has however been confirmed that they will NOT be available at launch. 

Speaking of DLC, WWE 2K's official Twitter account announced that they will be announcing all of the DLC characters throughout the day on their Twitter account. 

I fully expected Matt and Jeff to be DLC this year. Let's be real here, that's a WONDERFUL way to sell DLC. It's like a license to print money. As for the rest of the DLC, I am really hoping that Aleister Black and Ruby Riot from NXT make it in.