WWE 2K18 coming to PC sooner than we think

by: Nathan -
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In recent years the PC version of WWE 2K usually launched about five months after the console versions in March/April around Wrestle Mania time. This year PC players will get the game the same time as everyone else. 2K has announced that WWE 2K18 will launch on the PC on October 17th, the same time as the PS4 and Xbox One versions. 

The downside is that the four day early option perk that is being offered to PS4 and Xbox One players who buy the Deluxe Edition will not be available on PC. The Deluxe Edition is still being offered on PC however so I am wondering if the price will be different. Getting early access seems to be a big selling point of the Deluxe Edition so it doesn't really seem fair that the PC players would have to pay the same amount and not get the four day early access perk.