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Netflix app for the Nintendo Switch all but ready for launch

by: Kinsey -
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The Switch was lacking from the beginning, both in titles and in features—ultimately cool, but lacking. It's been beefing up its game selection in the past few months but a new contender is set to take to the stage: Netflix. 

Netflix is already great, I preach to the choir. It's personally my most-used app on my Xbox, and a lifesaver when I'm too exhausted to play anything. But I can't exactly cart my Xbox around whenever I want to swap between playing video games and watching Parks and Rec. Once the release date for the app is revealed—which should be any day now—it has the potential to open up a bunch of new doors for the Switch's rather thin app selection. 

The handheld appeal is definitely prime for streaming apps, so assuming they allow features like downloading full episodes or seasons, it'll see a lot of mileage. It's only a matter of time, since the Wii and Wii U both have successful Netflix apps without the handheld factor thrown in. At this point, it's all dependent on when Nintendo gives it the green light.