Here's the full list of match types available in WWE 2K18

by: Nathan -
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In the latest 2K Dev video, we got to see all of the match types that will be available when WWE 2K18 launches on October 17th. Keep in mind that this doesn't even take into account the match creator which gives players the ability to modify existing matches with new rules such as elimination, first blood, perform finishers to win and so on. 

Matches in bold indicate new additions to WWE 2K18

1 vs. 1 2 vs. 2 Triple Threat Fatal 4 Way 6 Man Matches 8 Man Matches Handicap Matches Royal Rumble Tournaments
Normal Normal Normal Normal 6 Man Tag 8 Man Tag One on Two (Tag) 10 Man Rumble Single 
Falls Count Anywhere Tornado Tag Ladder Ladder 6 Man Tornado Tag Ladder One on Two (Tornado) 20 Man Rumble Tag-Team
Backstage Brawl Extreme Rules Table Table Elimination Chamber Battle Royal  One on Three (Tag) 30 Man Rumble  
Extreme Rules Ladder  TLC TLC Ladder    Two on Three (Tag)    
Ladder  Table Steel Cage Steel Cage Table        
Table TLC Hell in a Cell Hell in a Cell TLC        
TLC Steel Cage Extreme Rules Battle Royal  Hell in a Cell        

Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell  Falls Count Anywhere Extreme Rules Battle Royal        
Steel Cage     Falls Count Anywhere          
Last Man Standing                
No Holds Barred                
Iron Man