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World of Warships has come a long way in two years

by: Russell -
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World of Warships recently turned two years old this week so to celebrate, Wargaming decided to put out an infographic showing some fun and interesting stats from the past two years. When the game first launched in 2015, players could battle with ninety ships from Japan and the US across ten maps. Two years later and players can now command 228 ships across ten nations and thirty battle arenas. Needless to say that World of Warships has definitely grown over the past two years.

So just what kind of stats are we talking about here? How about 155,000 ships sunk hourly, or a combined time-span of 58,749 years spent in combat? Maybe the fact that each captain has covered a distance greater than the length of the equator. It's amazing where players have taken the game in two years and it'll be even more amazing to see what they can do in the future.

World of Warships Celebrates Its 2nd Birthday

Players can dive into in-game events throughout September

September 20, 2017 — World of Warships is celebrating its second anniversary! Over the past couple of years, the game has gone from strength to strength with the help of its passionate community. Just two years ago, World of Warships launched with 10 maps and 90 ships from Japan and the US. Now, players can take to the seas with 228 ships across 10 nations and a massive 30 battle arenas.


World of Warships didn’t just introduce more vehicles and battlefields—the game significantly stepped up its graphics, added weather effects like fearsome storms, as well as added PvE missions and clan functionality.


“I'm really excited about the sheer amount of work the team has done over two years,” said Arthur Plociennik, World of Warships Executive Producer. “We’ve stepped up our game by cooperating with our players and channeling their feedback to improve and evolve their experience. So far, we delivered 70 updates and have big plans of moving further.”

In celebration of the game and its community, World of Warships will launch several fantastic in-game festivities that will run throughout September.

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