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Wolfenstein II: The New Colussus puts the fightin' spirit back in the American People by killin' some Nazis

by: Nicholas -
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The folks responsible for making the trailers of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus sure as heck know what they're doing. 

A recently released video on Bethesda UK's YouTube Channel is aptly titled "No More Nazis!" and boy oh boy does it warm the soul. To sum it all up, lots and lots and lots of Nazis bite not only bullets, but hatchets and laser beams as well. 

But more so than that, I think that the strength of this trailer is really in the tone that it displays. Bits of the story are dropped here and there, mainly short snippets of cutscenes and dialogue. They're all bitingly witty and provide an almost perfect amount of teasing of what the story's going to be: to ignite a revolution and take back America. There's also probably some commentary about America just taking whatever the Fuhrer says to heart that might be targeted at modern times. 

Prepare to kill it when the game drops on 27 October. 

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