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DLC roadmap for upcoming content in Friday the 13th: The Game

by: Nathan -
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For months Gun Media has teased the Friday the 13th: The Game fanbase with new content that will be coming to the game in the future. Unfortunately, we never really knew when they planned on releasing any of this. Recently however, they released a nice DLC roadmap outlining content that will be coming to the game in the future and tentative release dates. 

First up we have a Jack-o-Lantern which I am going to assume at this point represents Halloween. It could also represent the Fall season, however there is a Friday the 13th that falls in October this year so I assume that they are going to do some kind of event or release a lot of this content next month.  

So my assumption is that we will get the following content leading up to Halloween. 

  • Free Emote Pack
  • Spring Break Clothing Pack 
  • Part IV Jason 
  • Jarvis House Map
  • New Counselors 
  • New Kills
  • New Clothing Pack 

The next part of the roadmap is up for interpretation as the next icon is a snowflake. We aren't really sure what this represents. Does it represent Christmas? New Years? The entire Winter season? My assumption would be that it's content that will be released during the Winter season. Anyways, content that is planned for this part of the road map includes...

  • Virtual Cabin 2.0
  • Offline Bots
  • Single Player Challenges (demo)
  • New Counselors 
  • New Map 

Then we get to the final section of the roadmap doesn't have an icon at the end but I have a theory about that. More on that later. The content we will be getting at the end of the road is... 

  • New Jason 
  • New Clothing Pack
  • New Game Mode
  • Single Player Challenges 
  • New Jason
  • New Map 

Now I am going to assume that the last part of the road map might be Spring time. The reason for this is that the next Friday The 13th that falls on the calendar is April 13th 2018 so I assume they are going to want to release content around that time.

As for the two new Jason's, I am going to guess that they are going to be Part V Jason and then Jason X. Hopefully if we do get Jason X, we also get the spaceship from the movie as a map as well because that would be hilarious. 

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