Get ya Charizard over here! Free Charizard for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

by: Patrick -
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Target is offering download codes for Pokemon Sun and Moon to any player at Target locations starting October 1 until October 14.

Some stats about the Charizard: it's level 50, single (recently divorced), knows Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Fly, and Earthquake, it knows the ability Blaze, and holds a Red Card item.

Once you get the code, input it by selecting the Mystery Gift option, enter the code, and pick up the Charizard from one of the deliverymen at any PokeCenter.

There's also a giveaway at GameStop from October 9-23 where you can grab the Fighting/Ghost-type Mythical Pokemon Marshadow at level 50. Deals all around, folks.

So go get ya Charizard over here. Hurry! While they’re still hot!