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New free games and specials for XBox One gold members

by: Kevin -
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The next set of free games and deals for gold members is out for the taking.


Oxenfree : a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who open a ghostly rift. It is a decision based adventure that has you side scrolling through a huge, creepy island.

Forza 5 : What more can be said about 400+ cars, over a dozen tracks and some of the best graphics there are in car simulations? Being free!

Battlefield 3 : This XBox 360 backwards compatible game is part of the dizzying array of games - put out by EA/Dice - that bring story and graphics to life. A very good FPS (reviewed by Gaming Nexus 20+ year member - John Yan - giving it a 9) that spans the globe putting you and your marines in some fantastic firefights.


XCOM 2 is $30 - from $74.99

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition is $4.50 from $29.99

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass is FREE - from $19.99

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is $30 - from $59.99

and Minecraft: Story Mode, The Complete adventure is $12 - from $29.99

These and more are available for XBox One for a limited time. Have at it!