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iRacing enhances recently introduced Time Attack with real money

by: Dave -
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Just a month or two ago, iRacing released a new type of online racing called Time Attack which I immediately started calling 'online racing for introverts' - there is a class of racers that appreciate iRacing for its exemplary track modeling, detailed physics, and high-fidelity force feedback but don't necessarily enjoy racing wheel-to-wheel with other drivers. These people exist in the real world as well, which is one of the reasons that SCCA auto-crossing is so popular. 

They have received feedback from early adopters and have made some enhancements that will be included in this month's build. First and foremost, at least from my point-of-view, is that there will be races with a fixed setup. That is important because there are people, and again, I am one of them, that have absolutely no idea how to practice the black magic that makes a car go faster. With everyone driving exactly identical cars, the results are far more indicative of actual driving ability.

The second bit of news is of a pecuniary nature; iRacing will feature three Time Attack series that will pay out winnings in real live legal tender. In other words, if you're fast enough, you can win real money. For coming in first, anyway. The lesser positions will be paid in store credit.

Prizes for the three featured Time Attack series are:

First Place: $1,000 U.S. cash

Second Place: $500 in iRacing credits

Third Place: $250 in iRacing credits

There will also be three random selections for participants who complete the full Time Attack series. Racers who compete on every track will be eligible to receive $100 in credits each for each of the three featured series. 

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