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Playing a little "footie" on the "pitch" in Destiny 2

by: Randy -
More On: Destiny 2

And hey, there's nothing wrong with a little downtime in Destiny 2. Down in a lower field on The Farm, your new home after the fall of The Tower, there's a big soccer ball to play with. There's a goal on each end. The ball respawns in the middle of the field when it's kicked into a goal, or if you happen to kick it out of bounds. It's not exactly the new Rocket League, but it's cute for a few minutes. If you're hanging out, waiting for the rest of your buddies to show up for a strike or whatever, there are worse ways to waste some time. Plus the soundtrack on The Farm is absolutely gorgeous. Much prettier than you're even expecting in Destiny.

Destiny 2's servers are alive and kicking if you've already got your copy on PS4 or Xbox One. No need to wait all sleepy-eyed until midnight tonight.