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Guardians HOOOO! Fun mashup of Thundercats and Destiny 2 to tide you over until tonights launch

by: John -
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At midnight EST, people can start playing Destiny 2 on the consoles. PC gamers will have to wait until October 24th, but that's not too much of a wait. 

An awesome mashup of Thundercats and Destiny 2 appeared yesterday on YouTube that's incredibly well done. Featuring Zavala as Lion-O and Cayde-6, it's about a shot for shot remake of the Thundercats intro. 

Although after playing the beta, I'm still a little salty at Zavala for not being more obvious that I could move on after fending off a few waves. And it wasn't just me that this happened to as a few of my friends also was wondering why the waves wouldn't end. 

But anyways, here's the pretty cool mashup courtesy of Bungie's Twitter. It should get you psyched for tonight when Destiny 2 finally launches.