Just Flight announces first add-on plane for Flight Sim World

by: Dave -
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There was some concern in the industry that Dovetail's business plan with regards to add-on aircraft and scenery for Flight Sim World would drive the big players away from the game. Were that to happen, Flight Sim World would likely not survive for long. Although the default hangar of airplanes included with FSW is pretty good, flight simming is one of those things where you want to be able to fly your pwn airplane.  Add-ons are very important.

Just Flight has announced that their study-level Piper Arrow III will be made available for Flight Sim World, making them the first third-party developer to get on board. No details have been provided on the questions of when it will be released and how much it will cost, but they have stated that pricing will be in line with their products for other sims such as FSX and P3D.

The Arrow III was a late-70's era retractable landing gear, four seat, piston engine airplane based on the less powerful fixed-gear Piper Warrior, which was itself a continuation of the venerable Cherokee line of affordable four-seaters. Although categorized as a complex airplane by the FAA rules of the time, as with most Pipers it was fairly easy to fly.  It fits in well with the current crop of FSW airplanes.