Wii shortages intentional?

by: Chuck -
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Every time there's a console shortage theories start spreading around the internet that the manufacturers are holding back supplies for some reason.  Those rumors are usually quashed pretty quickly as there's no good reason for a manufacturer to hold onto inventory.  Well, Dan DeMatteo, Gamestop's COO,  is making headlines today as he claimed in a recent chat with NextGen that Nintendo has been holding back supplies of the Wii because they've already made their numbers for the year (Nintendo's next financial year begins in April) and that once we get into the next year Nintendo will flood the channel with Wii's. 

I guess this makes some sense in a bizaroo conspiracy kind of way but it still doesn't make any sense to me as Nintendo makes money off each console sold and demand is still running high for the system.  There's also the fact that holding inventory costs money which would negatively impact their earnings. 
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