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Codemasters and Formula 1 partner in new online racing series

by: Dave -
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Formula 1, pretty much the very peak of the auto racing world, has announced an online series that will culminate in the crowning of an Esports World Champion.

The Formula 1 Esports Series starts with online qualifications on Sept. 4, 2017, where really, REALLY fast eRacers can begin the process of winning their way to the finals in Abu Dhabi, set to be run the 24th and 25th November 2017.

The entire championship will be run within the confines of either the Xbox, PS4, or PC variant of Codemaster's F1 2017, depending on the driver's choice of platform.

It is rumored that the two tracks to be used in the qualifying races are Suzuka in Japan and Monza in Italy. Those are both fast tracks with long straights, and both offer plenty of passing opportunities. The racing should be quite invigorating with potential trips to London (the semifinals in October) and Abu Dhabi in the offing.

After the finals in November, we will see our first ever Formula 1 Esports World Champion. Where it goes from there is hard to say; will this kind of thing really catch on?

More details are available at Formula1.com.