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What to expect from ReCore: Definitive Edition

by: Kinsey -
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No, you won't need to buy a new copy of ReCore.

That was my first worry, at least, when I heard mention of ReCore: Definitive Edition from Gamescom. I enjoyed the game well enough, but I think we can all agree that its launch fell a little flat. I was hesitant at the idea of buying a totally new copy of the game on the basis that it was more likely to live up to the hype than it did at its original launch.

So here's what to expect. 

First off, if you already purchased a copy of ReCore, you will not need to shell out any money for the Definitive Edition. You will receive all of its content as a free update. If you're just jumping on the ReCore train now, though, you'll be able to get the game plus the Definitive Edition content for $19.99.

There's also a bunch of totally new content—perhaps most notably the new chapter. "Eye of Obsidian" is an addition to the game's primary storyline, and it will open up a new and previously unavailable region of the planet. We're also getting 10 new dungeons, two new overworlds, and a dynamic sandstorm mechanic (which, of course, means better loot should you survive). 

The Definitive Edition also bears a litany of other minor details on top of bug fixes and polishes. It looks like the T8-NK companion is finally entering the scene. Joule's Energy Rifle is getting three new charge modes. Loading times and map displays have been improved. Fast Travel nodes have been added, and players will now be able to do things at them that previously were only possible at the Sandcrawler (like configuring their party, swapping cores, and stash transferring). There's a mess of tweaks, all of which are available to read here.

ReCore: Definitive Edition releases on August 29 for Xbox One and PC; here's hoping that the empty spaces between the engaging parts of the game will be a bit more filled in.

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