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Get your Corny Bowling Team Uniform ready for Tekken 7's first DLC

by: Nicholas -
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Seriously. It's bowling. In Tekken 7. Okay, but besides that, there are also some new costumes to go around, including bikinis for female fighters and fundoshi for male fighters. 

Other wear for your favorite characters include idolmaster uniforms for all female fighters, and Blood Vengeance School Uniforms for Xioayu and Alisa, and "vintage 1920's bathing suits" for all fighters.

Blood Vengeance, undergarments that don't discriminate, and bowling. First they had my curiosity, now they have my attention. On marketing alone, I have to say good job, Tekken 7.

But seriously, the bowling in here looks ridiculously interesting. The music, slow-mo, and character animations are all quite charming, and I'd say that it at least looks like a nice little batch of content, and that it's great that the developers are doing what they want with their title. 

Here's the trailer, the first batch of DLC launches for Tekken 7 on August 31st.


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