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Gamescom: Final Fantasy XV will have Steam Workshop support on PC

by: Patrick -
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Everyone's favorite boyband-road-trip-romp, Final Fantasy XV, is coming to PC with the support of Steam Workshop! PC Gamer reports from Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, having spoken with Hajime Tabata, XV's game director, about the upcoming PC port for the Square Enix hit.

Tabata says his team has partnered with NVIDIA to make the smoothest transition possible to PC, and they're hard at work figuring out the kinks in the machinery. Full quote below:

“Traditionally Final Fantasy has a bit of an image that everyone has the exact same experience and shares that experience with everyone that plays the game. With Final Fantasy 15, we went in a slightly different direction. Right from the start, the way the whole game is structured and created gives each individual player their own individual and unique FF15 journey. I certainly think the modding community is going to resonate with that and the idea that you can change it any way they want is exciting.”

This is a slight change in tone from what Tabata had said about the possibility of Nude mods in his game, as he seems to accept more and more what comes with a PC port of a game.

At the moment the game will probably struggle with SLI, and that it will be difficult, even after optimizations are done, to lock down 60 FPS. Regardless, it is promising how forthright Tabata was about the process. 

The Final Fantasy XV port is due out on Steam and Origin some time next year, with all DLCs and updates.

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