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WWE 2K18 adds 37 new Superstars to the roster

by: Nathan -
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Week 2 of IGN's WWE 2K18 roster reveal premiered today and 37 new Superstars were added to the roster including confirmation of the glorious one himself "Bobby Roode". Be sure to check out his entrance video below as it's amazing and even includes the crowd singing along. This week seemed to be a Legends heavy reveal week as they took up a majority of the reveal spots. Still nice to get confirmation of both Ember Moon and Booby Roode though. 

Videos courtesy of IGN

Raw Smackdown NXT Legends Other / DLC
Maryse Naomi Ember Moon  Goldberg Rob Van Dam (DLC)
Sasha Banks Natalya Bobby Roode Earthquake  Batista (DLC) 
Bayley Becky Lynch   Jim The Anvil Neidhart John Cena 
Mickie James  Tamina    Larry Zbysko Triple H
The Miz Jay Uso   Brutus The Barber Beefcake Kurt Angle (Pre-Order DLC)
Roman Reigns  Jimmy Uso   Greg The Hammer Valentine  
Brock Lesnar  Mojo Rawley   Edge  
  Zack Ryder   The Godfather  
  Shinsuke Nakamura   Eddie Guererro   
  AJ Styles   Daniel Bryan  
  Randy Orton   Ivory   
      Kevin Von Erich  
      Kerry Von Erich  
      The Rock  


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