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Quit throwing poop, kid from Kingdom Come: Deliverance

by: Randy -
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Another strangely provocative trailer is out for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I mean, I want this game in my face right now, even though a part of me doesn't think the story is going to pull it off.

Sure, I like the anti-Witcher approach, where the main character, Henry, isn't a hired mercenary, isn't a trained killer, isn't a soldier of any sort to be begin with. In fact, this "Born from Ashes" video makes it readily apparent that the kid is kind of a lazy teenage punk, doing what any young man would be doing at his age: throwing up from over drinking, trying to get into women's pants, and basically egging the neighbor's house.

Then comes a time when the kid has to avenge the death of his family. So stuff gets real, and the boy Henry has to become the man Henry. On second thought, the weirdly realistic behaviors of the main character just might make for a very dramatic roller coaster. I hope they can do it. Something still feels just a bit off, but I'm still super intrigued. I want to get my hands on this one.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is making a surprisingly strong debut on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, all on February 13, 2018.