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Deep Sky Derelicts is Darkest Dungeon with tactical card combat

by: Randy -
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Ooh pretty. Deep Sky Derelicts, coming from relative newcomer Snowhound Games, apparently figured out how to get me to play a card game: By giving it an intense and flawless retro-futuristic comic book art style, and by walking out a very Darkest Dungeon kind of combat.

Your crew is out there in the black, exploring derelict spaceships, scavenging materials, trying to earn your way to a better life. The animation uses the "living comic book" approach, and slides in different illustrated frames for each kind of turn-based attack, and also slides in an illustrated frame for each hit-or-miss combat result. Heavy punch! Stunning blow! Burst fire! Also, in the Darkest Dungeon style, there are lite roguelike elements with changing backgrounds and enemy encounters, a perfectly vague top-down map, crew hiring and firing, and plenty of loot grinding and gear grabbing, but also throwing in tactical card combat to mix things up.

Snowhound is made up of five people, and Deep Sky Derelicts just nabbed the Best Storytelling award (and was a Best Design nominee) at the White Nights 2017 game industry business conference in St. Petersburg. 

Deep Sky Derelicts is coming to Steam sometime in 2018.

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