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Fishing Planet's new PS4 trailer is cooler than any of us and I'm angry about it

by: Kinsey -
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Okay, I'm breaking what little professionalism I have here to talk about that new Fishing Planet trailer. It's a fishing game, which is a historically bad and boring genre. We all know this. The game has been out on Steam for a couple years, and it's making its PS4 debut on August 29, so there was a need for extra hype. Perfectly reasonable.

You know what's not reasonable? The new trailer.

It has absolutely no business being cooler than I am. Like, I'm not really a cool person, but when the trailer for a FISHING GAME is cooler than I am, then some contention begins to blossom. The game's 12 scenic waterways are cooler than I am. The advanced fish AI is cooler than I am. The thousands of tackle combinations are cooler than I am. Who even needs thousands of tackle combinations? Not me, but this metal-as-heck trailer made me think that thousands of tackle combinations are the coolest option to have in any video game, ever, in the entire world. 

And why is this all so cool according to me, the person who couldn't care less about fishing? Because the whole darn thing is basically a trailer for an action undercover spy movie where the spy's primary role is to stand quietly at the edge of one of the aforementioned 12 scenic waterways and fish. Why? Has one of the fish swallowed a flash drive containing information vital to the nation's security? Is he working to save a critically endangered species my transplanting it somewhere safer? Does he just want to make some really dangerous fish fry?

Basically, this trailer represents absolutely nothing that a fishing game should stand for, and I'm furious about it, but you need to watch it because it's still pretty much the best thing I've seen all summer.

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