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Gun Media announces tons of new content coming soon to Friday the 13th: The Game

by: Nathan -
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A week ago, Gun Media announced that Friday the 13th: The Game would be getting new variant maps. These maps are going to be smaller versions of the three maps already in the game and will provide for faster gameplay and faster kills. Today, Gun Media announced tons of additional content that will be coming to the game. No release dates yet for any of this content but it still looks like awesome stuff. 

  • New Playable Map 

Along with the smaller variant maps that will be added soon, the devs have confirmed that a new large map will be added to the game and will be based on a location from one of the movies. 

  • New Playable Jason 

A brand new Jason will be included in the game with his own unique kills. No info yet on which one but my guess would maybe be Part 5 since Part 4 (which is basically the same as Part 3), Part 5 and Jason X are the only ones not currently in the game. Unfortunately the devs do not have the rights for Freddy vs. Jason or the 2009 Remake Jason. 

  • Retro Jason Rework 

Retro was intoduced in June as a special skin for Part 3 Jason with a retro 8 bit tune and costume based on the NES Friday the 13th game. With this update, the Retro Jason is going to be removed and reworked. Here is a statement from the devs about Retro Jason's removal. 

UPDATE. We’re going to be removing Retro Jason for a little TLC work. Don’t freak out, it will only be a month or so. We have some plans for this Jason, as we will be adding new music that both the counselor AND Jason hear during gameplay. And trust us, you’ll like the results.

  • Two New Counselors 

Two brand new counselors for Jason to slaughter. Interesting thing of note is that the devs are teasing that these counselors could be actual characters from the films just like Tommy Jarvis. 

  • All New Kills 

Each Jason in the game will be a brand new set of special kills motion captured by Kane Hodder. 

  • New Clothing Pack 

Nothing revealed about this except for the fact that "everyone likes a secret! Right?". Details will be revealed soon 

  • Spring Break 1984 Swimsuit Costume Pack 

Yeah... we all knew this was coming. It is Friday the 13th after all and these movies were always about teenagers doing things they shouldn't be doing. Normal price for these costumes will be $3.99 and there will be a limited time offer to get it for half off at $1.99 but no details about a release date yet. 

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