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The Evil Within 2 reveals a twisted villain in new trailer

by: Nicholas -
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The Evil Within 2 is back with a new video highlighting more of the world Sebastian will encounter in the sequel produced by Shinji Makami. 

Like the last one, this trailer is appropriately vague, but it does mean that our protagonist won't be dealing with just the usual, hideously grotesque creatures this time around. 

This one is human, and its name is Stefano Valentini. He's a serial killer that photographs his crimes, and, per the video's description, those photos will be scattered around the game's world.

A story seed is planted yet again, though, when Stefano photographs a mysterious little girl that we've seen in other trailers for the game. 

Encounter Stefano's impeccable fashion and skill with a knife on 13 October 2017.

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