It is time for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's Full Story Trailer

by: Nicholas -
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This is like a nerd's ultimate daydream, people.

Another story trailer - titled the Full Story trailer - has released for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

All at once, it's light and heavy on details. Basically, we've got a Final Fantasy-looking type dude (named Jedah) showing up here on Earth, and Ultron has the Infinity Stones. Necessarily, the good guys of both universes team up, but Sepheroth's blue cousin (my headcanon) has the venom symbiote.

There are plenty of voiced cutscenes, which definitely makes the game look chunkier in terms of its narrative weight. It's serious, and also not-so-serious.

Anyways, some of the heroes want to release Thanos, but then a Civil War breaks out. 

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite releases September 19th.