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Latest Nintendo Minute reveals more Metroid: Samus Returns gameplay

by: Sean Colleli -
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Metroid: Samus Returns is a little over a month away, and in the latest Nintendo Minute the Treehouse staff show off some fresh gameplay and Amiibo use in action. Apparently the Smash Bros Samus and Zero Suit Amiibo unlock missile and energy reserve tanks respectively, while the new Samus Returns Amiibo unlocks an Aeion reserve tank. The delightfully squishy Metroid Amiibo not only unlocks Fusion hard mode after you beat the game, but also highlights any hard-to-find Metroid targets on the game's map.

I'm a little frustrated that I missed the preorders on these Amiibo. If I know Nintendo, these new Amiibo will be harder to find than a snowflake on Death Mountain when Samus Returns arrives on September 15th.

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