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Nintendo announces Samus-styled 3DS launching with Metroid: Samus Returns

by: Sean Colleli -
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Wow, I kind of love/hate Nintendo right now. They've announced that a New 3DS XL sporting a Samus design will launch alongside Metroid: Samus Returns on September 15th. The handheld, viewed below, is all kinds of cool and pretty, and as far as this old Metroid fan can recall, it's the first time Nintendo has released a Metroid-themed piece of hardware. There have been plenty of Zelda, Mario and even Animal Crossing themed Game Boys and DS's over the years, but nothing with Metroid.

Hopefully this signifies that Nintendo is taking the Metroid series a little more seriously than they have in the past. On a more personal note, I'm not sure if I'm buying it. I already have a charcoal gray 3DS XL that I like just fine so I'm hesitant to shell out another $200, and considering Nintendo's perpetual inability to meet demand with supply, there's going to be a mad scramble for these things anyway.

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