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Friday the 13th: The Game is getting new variant maps, emotes and a solution to the team killing problem

by: Nathan -
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Gun Media has revealed some new content that will be making it's way to Friday the 13th: The Game in the coming future and all of this content will be free.

The first of the new additions are three "variant maps". These maps are variations on the three maps already in the game (Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven, Packanak Lodge) and will be around 40% smaller. This should provide for faster . No details yet on how these new variant maps will work but my guess is that all the action will be relegaded to a single area of the map and there will be less objectives. This means that objectives can be completed faster and Jason will also be able to score faster kills. 

Also coming in the future are new communication emotes for each of the characters in the game. These emotes will be for players who don't have microphones to better communicate with their teammates. 

Lastly, Gun Media is going to make changes in the game when it comes to team killing. I'm not sure about what's going on over on the PS4 or Xbox One side of things, but after around 200 hours in the PC version of Friday the 13th, I would say that team killing is definitely an issue. I have been team killed for no reason whatsoever multiple times and I have seen people do nothing but just run around the map. Here is the tl;dr version of the changes to team killing in the upcoming patch. You can read the full post over at the official F13 sub Reddit.

Public Matches - Team Killing is No Longer Possible

Public Matches - Cars Can Still Kill

Public Matches - Traps Still Can Hurt/Kill - no XP penalty Loss to Trap Placer

Private Matches - Team Killing Still Possible

No word yet on when any of this will make it into the game but I would assume that we are probably going to get a decent sized update come Friday, October 13th. 


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