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Overwatch Summer Games 2017 has arrived and so have new skins

by: Patrick -
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Buffalo Bill is dancing in a creepy murder basement somewhere, because Overwatch Summer Games 2017 has arrived with new skins. These skins are "hella" sick with the raddest threads, because the outfits are beach themed. Check below to see these "far out" looks. Cowabunga! And so on.

The normally chilly Blizzard will be sizzling up this summer with the annual event, which has only grown since the first one last year. The event goes from today to August 29th, plus you can grab last year's summer skins for a reduced price.

Personal favorites are Soldier 76s BBQ look, Zenyatta's elaborate, beach ball ready attire, and Widowmaker's killer bikini vibes. Righteous. Enjoy.

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