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Daniel Licht, Dishonored and Silent Hill composer, passes away

by: Patrick -
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Daniel Licht, who composed the music for DishonoredDishonored 2Silent Hill: Book of Memories and Silent Hill: Downpour, passed away on Wednesday at his home in Topanga Canyon, California from sarcoma. He was 60.

He did the music for horror movies, television shows, and even had a small cameo on the show that won him the most acclaim, Dexter. 

Licht composed music for the serial-killer drama, using knives and human bones in his compositions to meet the shows gruesome themes. He was an innovative, accomplished composer, and will be missed by both gaming and the entertainment industries.

Licht is survived by his wife Hilary and son Kian, along with his mother Eve, brothers Alan and Ed, sister Deborah, and nine nieces and nephews.