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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Update: Rules of Conduct, First-person servers, and more!

by: Patrick -
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The monthly update to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds includes a new, super-obvious, gray box that links to PUBG’s Rules of Conduct. 

The rules listed make the familiar calls to not be racist, or threaten people with actual threats of violence, or stalk people, or share personal information about others. Or cheat. But there are also a few rules that speak to some issues in the meta game that may concern some players:

Rule 10: "Do not team: teaming is defined as two or more players in the same match working together in a larger group than is intended for the selected game mode.

Rule 12: “Do not stream snipe: this is a form of cheating and you will be banned if you do it.

And, finally, Rule 13: “Don not exploit bugs or glitches: If you find a bug or a glitch in the game that provides an unfair advantage, let us know about it instead of using the exploit for your own benefit.

Rule 12 is likely meant to address the stream sniping controversy that went on earlier this week, while Rule 13 addresses, well, a lot of weird stuff folks have done to squeak by an unearned win.

Rule 10 is likely a reaction to folks matchmaking with their friends at the same time to end up on the same server when so they can coordinate in a mode they’d otherwise be pitted against each other in.

The spotlight on PUBG, a game which is still in early access, will continue to act as almost a chronicle of how a game’s meta developed over time, and the addition and emphasis of these rules is a major step in establishing the larger culture around PUBG.

This updates comes on the heels of the biggest update this month, which is the new First-person only servers! FPP servers will offer a wildly different experience when playing PUBG, with a increased tension, and a lack of visibility that is frankly frightening (take it from me). 

Still no release date on PUBG, but most of us are doing fine with just Early Access, for now.

You can read the full list of updates here.

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