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SMITE's newest update brings a new Goddess, Summer of SMITE content and the Fall Season Ticket bundle

by: Nathan -
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SMITE's next patch is a big one and bring with it a plethora of new content to the game. 

First up is "Artio" a new Goddess in the Celtic pantheon. Artio will be a Guardian and is also a stance switching character like Hel and Ullr. This means that she has no ultimate ability, but she also has six abilities instead. Artio can switch between her normal form which focuses on healing teammates and debuffing enemies and her bear form which is used to deal damage and stunning enemies. Check out the reveal video below for a full look at her abilities. 

Other updates include the "Midnight Dove" Awilix skin, which is this years community skin. Artists from the SMITE community sent in their ideas for new skins for the characters in SMITE. After finalists were picked, the community voted on which one they wanted to see added to the game and the Awilix skin won. 

The Summer of SMITE event continues with two new skins including... 

  • "Freaky Tiki" Ah Puch
  • "SPF 666" The Morrigan

These skins are directly purchasable and are needed in order to complete quests to earn extra loot. You also need to buy all the skins in order to get the final skin which is limited. Once the event is over, the skin won't be offered again. 

The patch also brings the 2017 Fall Split Pass Bundle including... 

  • Dr. Madlove Cupid (Season Ticket Fall Split Pass)
  • Right to Vote on Season Games
  • Bonus Quests for FP
  • Double FP for Matches
  • 15 Team FP Boosters (2x of total received)
  • 15 Team Worshiper Boosters (2x of total received)

2017 Fall Split Pass Bundle With Points

  • All of the above +2500 Fantasy Points

Season Ticket Rewards

  • Limited Critical.DMG Ne Zha
  • Greek Pantheon Recall
  • Egyptian Pantheon Recall
  • NEW: Hype Time! Level Up FX

For the full list of patch notes, be sure to visit SMITE's official website.

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