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Operation Frontier Shield is a good reason to go back to/pick up Titanfall 2

by: Chuck -
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Multiplayer "horde" modes are nothing new.  We've been playing versions of them since the Gears of War 2 made them popular almost a decade ago.  The premise is simple, you and a group of other players defend a central point against waves of ever increasing enemies.  Between waves you are have the ability to build up some level of defense/upgrade your character.  

Titanfall 2 released their horde mode last week with the rollout of Operation Frontier Shield.  In the mode you and up to three other pilots defend a "Harvester" from five waves of enemies.  The mode adds some new enemy types to the standard game as well as a few new items you can use to defend the harvester.  The new mode uses the existing multiplayer maps which may disappoint anyone expect new areas to play in. 

I spent a few hours playing the mode over the weekend and came away impressed with the addition. You constantly have to be watching the map an making sure that enemies haven't gotten past you or your defenses as well as making sure the harvester isn't taking indirect fire from the new mortar units.  Team work is especially key with those types as they are usually on the perimeter of the map which means someone has to take them out while others stay and defend against the other enemies that are being dropped in.

As you play you can earn Aegis upgrades which can use to make your titan stronger.   You'll need this as while the game has decreased the health of the enemy titans it more than makes up with it in the volume of titans you'll have to defeat.  I really enjoyed how the mode built on the strengths of Titanfall 2 while putting a new twist on the format.  

Titanfall 2 was one of the best FPS games out last year and this new mode makes it even better.  If you haven't purchase the game yet now is definitely the time to do so.  Those with a PC or Xbox One might want to try out a subscription of EA Origin/EA Access as the game will be added there this week which would allow you to check out the game for cheap (as well as a bunch of other EA games).

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