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Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition has a release date! How could you let that happen?

by: Patrick -
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Like a teenage girl who is actually in her mid-twenties who is being terrorized by vampires, Night Trap is back! Bad analogies aside, Night Trap is a cult-classic from the FMV era that is getting rereleased on the PS4 (physical copy on August 11th) and PC (Digital on August 15th, also digital for the PS4).

In Night Trap, you play a S.C.A.T agent in charge of protected five teenage girls from a cult of vampires, you set off traps, eavesdrop on conversations for clues, and generally piece together the larger story.Upon its release, Night Trap sparked controversy for its "graphic" depictions of violence.

Mostly, this was a part of the same video game scare stuff that plagued much of the early 90s. The game did poorly in sales, but went on to be a cult classic. Night Trap is a very silly, pretty creepy (it's essentially a voyeur film), B-Movie exploitation-esque game, but it's also a terrific example of a deeply flawed genre (FMV). 

There's also a really cool doc on Night Trap if you want to check that out. 

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