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Pyre's Greg Kasavin almost gets dunked on in his own game

by: Randy -
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PlayStation stopped by Supergiant Games for a little one-on-one time with Greg Kasavin, writer and creative director behind Pyre. PlayStation is asking Kasavin, on a basic level, what Pyre is, and the two eventually go head-to-head in a multiplayer match.

Pyre's game arena—where the "Rites" take place—all happens on one screen, so there's no splitscreen to dissect your TV, and, naturally, this makes couch competition very doable. 

The Rites, the in-game game you see them play, is a little football, a little soccer, a little hockey; a little bit of a lot of things. Kasavin finds those observations interesting, but cites more arcade-like sports games, like NBA Jam, as a greater influence on their design.

The PlayStation guy hints in the YouTube video's notes that he's "only played, like, one time before," but does quite well for himself. He picks it up and plays it without any direction from Kasavin, and even scores a few goals that weren't given to him for free. But Kasavin had a lot more strategic moves in his tool belt, and wasn't going to let some rookie come into his house and walk away with full bragging rights.

Pyre is out tomorrow, July 25. If you're familiar with Supergiant's previous work, Bastion and Transistor, then you're the choir and don't need any preaching to. If you don't know, then understand that this sports-RPG isn't the be all end all of Pyre, because the music, the art, and the writing carry Pyre even further than dunking on your opponent in the Rites.

Our review of Pyre goes up bright and early tomorrow morning.